The Bombay Book Club  focuses on non-fiction books/movies on the topics of Economics, Education, Finance, Health, History, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sociology, Technology, Biographies & the likes of.


To read a book or watch a movie of substance every month & discuss it over lunch, tea, drinks or dinner.


   Membership will be no less than 6 & no more than 12.

   New members may be introduced by anyone; acceptance to be unanimous.

   Members from diverse ideological backgrounds are preferable.

   A member missing 4 meetings in a row, may consider leaving the club to make way for new members to join.

   Any person missing 4 meetings in a row, will be considered to have left the club.


   Meetings could be at members’ homes or trying out different restaurants.

   Meetings will be around 2 hours.

   All mobiles off during meetings.

   Members & guests attending must have read the current book.

   If there is more than one city involved, meetings could be combined or separate.

   Meetings will be on the last Friday of the month, but may be changed to suit all.

   The meeting time & place may be changed, if over 50% of the members decide so.


Email communication should be through the group mail to all, which has “Bombay Book Club” in the subject line.


   The subjects are Living, Psychology, Reality, Philosophy, Thinking, Ideology, Biographies, & the likes of.

   All books must be in print & available in paperback.

   Books should be of a reasonable number of pages, as decided by the members.

   Every regular member gets to choose a book in turn, subject to 50% of the attending members accepting the same.

   A book may be discussed, over more than one meeting, if over 50% of the members decide so.


   The first 10 or 15 minutes may be used for admin.

   Meeting discussions are not to include people known to the members.

   All views are to be discussed without prejudice & judgment; as an exploration.

   All views of each member are to be heard & each person to be given their turn.

   Discussions on the book should occupy over half of the meeting time.


The quorum will be not less than two thirds of the members.


   Members are entitled to bring one guest with prior intimation.

   Guests who are experts in the subject of the current book are welcome.

Panel 1


Numbers Don't LieVaclav SmilEconomics160 2022
The Last Days of Roger FedererGeoff DyerPsychology159 2022
The Status GameWill StorrSociology158 2022
Twilight of DemocracyAnne ApplebaumEconomics157 2022
InfluenceRobert CaldiniPsychology156 2022
JackpotMichael MechanicSociology155 2021
DrunkEdward SlingerlandSociology154 2021
Prisoners of GeographyTim MarshallPolitics153 2021
The BodyBill BrysonHealth152 2021
WildingIsabella TreeEnvironment151 2021
Confidence GameMaria KonnikovaPsychology150 2021
Seaspiracy (video)-Environment149 2021
Fake LawSecret BarristerLaw148 2021
China A New World Order (video)-Politics147 2021
Hidden HandMareike Ohlberg & Clive HamiltonPolitics146 2021
Tyranny of MeritMichael SandelSociology145 2021
Best of MeDavid SedarisSociology144 2020
CasteIsabel WilkersonSociology143 2020
Social Dilemma (video)-Sociology142 2020
Culture MapErin MeyerSociology141 2020
India's Daughter (video)Leslee UdwinSociology140 2020
ChroniclesThomas PikettyEconomics139 2020
Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty (video)-Politics138 2020
Just HierarchyDaniel Bell & Wang PeiSociology137 2020
I Am Not Your Negro (video)-Sociology136 2020
Shadow World (video)Andrew FeinsteinEconomics135 2020
Rules of ContagionAdam KucharskiHealth134 2020
Doughnut EconomicsKate RaworthEconomics133 2020
Age of Surveillance Capitalism (video)Shoshana ZuboffEconomics132 2020
Being the OtherSaeed NaqviSociology131 2020
Invisible WomenCaroline Criado-PerezSociology130 2020
Bad BloodJohn CarreycouFinance129 2020
Against DemocracyJason BrennanEconomics128 2020
Talking to StrangersMalcolm GladwellPsychology127 2019
Utopia for RealistsRutger BregmanPhilosophy126 2019
Great Hack (video)-Technology125 2019
Case for GodKaren ArmstrongPhilosophy124 2019
Night SchoolRichard WisemanHealth123 2019
This is Going to HurtAdam KayHealth122 2019
How the World ThinksJulian BagginiPhilosophy121 2019
3 Banned TED Talks (video)-Philosophy120 2019
State of AffairsEster PerelSociology119 2019
Billionaire RajJames CrabtreeEconomics118 2018
FactfullnessHans RoslingEconomics117 2018
Born a CrimeTrevor NoahSociology116 2018
Politically Correct Bedtime StoriesJames GarnerSociology115 2018
12 Rules of LifeJordan PetersonPsychology114 2018
Among the Believers (video)-Religion113 2018
Wild Wild Country (video)-Religion112 2018
Ethical SlutDossie EastonSociology111 2018
Transgender various (video)-Sociology110 2018
Fire & FuryMichael WolfPolitics109 2018
SapiensYuval HarariSociology108 2018
Deep Web (video)-Technology107 2017
Citizenfour (video)-Technology106 2017
Book of JoyDalai Lama & Desmond TutuReligion105 2017
Upside of IrrationalityDan ArielyPsychology104 2017
Lo & Behold (video)-Technology103 2017
Ego TrickJulian BagginiPhilosophy102 2017
BonkMary RoachSociology101 2017
(Dis)Honesty (video)Dan ArielySociology100 2017
Dark MoneyJane MayerEconomics099 2017
ToK (talk)-Education098 2017
Homo DeusYuval HarariSociology097 2017
Intuition PumpsDaniel DennettPsychology096 2016
Romantisicm (video)Alain de BottonPsychology095 2016
Cities and the Wealth of NationsJane JacobsEconomics094 2016
SPQRMary BeardHistory093 2016
DISC (talk)-Psychology092 2016
We Should All Be FeministsChimamanda AdichieSociology091 2016
CollapseJared DiamondSociology090 2016
H is for HawkHelen McDonaldPsychology089 2015
Road to CharacterDavid BrooksPsychology088 2015
Gideon's SpiesGordon ThomasPolitics087 2015
Examined LifeStephen GroszPsychology086 2015
Delusions of GenderCordelia FineSociology085 2015
GutJiulia EndersHealth084 2015
Dragnet NationJulia AngwinEconomics083 2014
Organised MindDaniel LevitinSociology082 2014
Going ClearLaurence WrightPhilosophy081 2014
ZealotReza AslanPhilosophy080 2014
If Walls Could TalkLucy WorsleySociology079 2014
Mobius StripClifford PickoverScience078 2014
David and GoliathMalcolm GladwellPsychology077 2013
How Children SuceedPaul ToughPsychology076 2013
UnbrokenLaura HillenbrandSociology075 2013
Ominvor's DilemmaMichael PollanHealth074 2013
AntifragileNassim TalebEconomics073 2013
AntidoteOliver BurkemanPsychology072 2013
Proof of HeavenEben AlexanderPhilosophy071 2013
Behind Beautiful ForeversKatherine BooSociology070 2012
Power of HabitCharles DuhiggPsychology069 2012
Social AnimalDavid BrooksPsychology068 2012
Thinking Fast & SlowDaniel KahnemanPsychology067 2012
QuietSusan CainPsychology066 2012
Influencing MachineBrooke GladstoneSociology065 2012
SaltMark KurlanskyHistory064 2011
Difficulty of Being GoodGurcharan DasPhilosophy063 2011
Emperor of All MaladiesSiddhartha MukherjeeHealth062 2011
What We Believe But Cannot ProveJohn BrockmanScience061 2011
Songs of Blood & SwordFatima BhuttoPolitics060 2011
Beyond FundamentalismReza AslanReligion059 2011
Big ShortMichael LewisFinance058 2010
Three Cups of TeaGreg MoretensonEducation057 2010
Sophie's WorldJostein GaarderPhilosophy056 2010
Making Breakthrough Innovation HappenPorus MunshiEconomics055 2010
Social IntelligenceDaniel GolemanPsychology054 2010
India After GandhiRamachandra GuhaEconomics053 2010
Marrying AnitaAnita JainSociology052 2009
Ascent Of MoneyNiall FergusonEconomics051 2009
Sicko (video)-Economics050 2009
Open RoadPico IyerPhilosophy049 2009
Mystery Of CapitalHernando De SotoEconomics048 2009
OutliersMalcolm GladwellPsychology047 2009
Religulous (video)-Philosophy046 2009
Stumbling On HappinessDaniel GilbertPsychology045 2009
Post American WorldFareed ZakariaEconomics044 2009
Audacity Of HopeBarack ObamaEconomics043 2008
Last LectureRandy PauschPsychology042 2008
Shock DoctrineNaomi KleinEconomics041 2008
Jesus Camp (video)-Philosophy040 2008
Maximum CitySuketu MehtaSociology039 2008
Alan Greenspan & Richard Feynman Interviews (video)-Economics038 2008
Great Myth ConceptionsKarl KruszelnickiScience037 2008
Corporation That Changed The WorldNick RobinsHistory036 2008
Age Of TurbulenceAlan GreenspanEconomics035 2008
What The Bleep Do We Know (video)-Science034 2008
Black SwanNassim TalebEconomics033 2008
Weather MakersTim FlanneryScience032 2008
God Is Not GreatChristopher HitchensPhilosophy031 2007
Life After DeathDeepak ChopraPhilosophy030 2007
Pleasure Of Finding Things OutRichard FeynmanScience029 2007
Confessions OF An Economic Hit ManJohn PerkinsEconomics028 2007
Freedom To Fascism (video)-Economics027 2007
Art Of SeductionRobert GreenePsychology026 2007
Secret (video)Rhonda ByrnePsychology025 2007
What About The Big Stuff?Richard CarlsonPsychology024 2007
Inconvenient Truth (video)Al GoreScience023 2007
Jonathan Livingston SeagullRichard BachPhilosophy022 2007
Power Of NowEckhart TollePhilosophy021 2007
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night TimeMark HaddonPsychology020 2007
Wisdom Of CrowdsJames SurowieckiEconomics019 2006
A Short History if Nearly EverythingBill BrysonScience018 2006
FreakonomicsSteven Levitt & Stephen DubnerEconomics017 2006
Code Name GodMani BhaumikPhilosophy016 2006
Serious Creativity (talk)Edward De BonoEducation015 2006
BlinkMalcolm GladwellPsychology014 2006
What To Say When You Talk To YourselfShad HelmstetterPsychology013 2006
7 Habits Of Highly Effective PeopleStephen CoveyPhilosophy012 2006
SiddharthaHerman HessePhilosophy011 2006
Art Of War (Translation By James Clavell)Sun TzuSociology010 2005
Awakening The Mind, Lightening The HeartDalai LamaPhilosophy009 2005
AlchemistPaulo CoelhoPhilosophy008 2005
Many Lives, Many MastersBrian WeissPhilosophy007 2005
48 Laws Of PowerRobert GreenePsychology006 2005
Freedom Is Not FreeShiv KheraEconomics005 2005
Veronica Decides To DiePaulo CoelhoPsychology004 2005
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From VenusJohn GrayPsychology003 2005
Monk Who Sold His FerrariRobin SharmaPhilosophy002 2005
I'm OK, You're OKThomas HarrisPsychology001 2004
Panel 2


  • Jetu Lalvani
  • Akhil Shahani
  • Shirin Petit
  • Paolo Marri
  • Rachel Burchett
  • Paula McGlynn

Since 2004, we have had a total of 27 members.